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rock climbing in bled, slovenia
9 crags, 367 rock climbing routes
climbing in bled

With its emerald-green lake, a castle on top of a Limestone crag, a picture-postcard church on an islet and the view of some of the highest mountain peaks of the Julian Alps the village Bled is considered to be one of the most beautiful areas in Slovenian.
climbing in slovenia This area is special, and with several rock climbing crags in the valley that reach another picture-postcard place, Bohinj, the area is warmly recommended. The limestone rock climbing is of various grades and everyone will find sport climbing routes that fits their climbing level and shape.

Bled with its surroundings has a reputation of being one of the best recreation areas in Slovenia. With its pre-Alps scenario and lakes, river and brooks it is a perfect spot for a rock climbing trip, and you will have a lot to do and see on rainy days or resting days.
slovenia We present five areas with seven crags, many of them located near water, in a beautiful landscape. The limestone climbing is of various grades and everyone will find rock climbing routes that fits their climbing level and shape.
climbingIt will take you 1,5 hour to drive from Osp to Bled, and the same time to drive from Bled to Vela Draga in Croatia, and those areas, together with Napoleonica in Trieste (Italy), provide so many nice rock climbing routes, and if you stay for a couple of weeks or a month we guarantee that you with family or friends will be satisfied.
climbing in sloveniaBled itself, with its green lake and picture-postcard church on an islet, castle, shops and all kinds of activities, including a Casino, is the top tourist place. If you prefer a less developed village/area, continue to the bigger Lake Bohinj, where you also will find two of the crags covered by those TOPOS. A lovely place, calm, and beautiful, in the surrounding area you will find so much to do and see.
Bled, near the mountains, is a nice place for families with children. It is easy to access most of the crags, and there is so much to see and do in this area for anyone that likes the nature. You will meet friendly people and good service.

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